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Roof Shingles, Weathered Wood Shingles, Roofing Products

Roof Shingles  

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SHOP & Save BIG on Roof Shingles, Roofing, & Weathered Wood Shingles at MG Building Materials!

Worn out roofing shingles do more harm than good both to your home and your budget. So if your roof shingles are starting to deteriorate, it’s crucial to replace them with new ones to prevent damage and repairs.

MG Building Materials & lumber yard carry a wide variety of wood shingles for sale, with each one made from different materials and sizes. Our wood shingles on the other hand are individually made from best quality wood supplies either weathered wood shingles and more.

Aside from having different materials, our collection also comes with different roof shingle colors making them easy to pair with whatever color you plan on using for your home.


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