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SKU# 0301499

Insect Killer Combat Roach Control 41910

UPC Code: 00023400419104 Manufacturer Part #: 41910 Insect Killer Combat Roach Con


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Product Overview

Combat source kill small roach bait is formulated with food that specifically attracts German roaches and other small roaches, plus the powerful insecticide, hydramethylnon, this patented action formula kills roaches and eggs at the nest, giving you complete control by eliminating the source of the problem, the easy-to-use, no-mess, child-resistant roach bait needs no activation, simply place them down for continuous protection day and night.

Key Features

  • Insecticide kills roaches for 3 months.
  • Can be used around children, pets/food.
  • Child-resistant bait trays.
  • A single application of combat roach baits offer superior long-term control to sprays or foggers.

Product Specifications




Vegetable Oil Hydramethylnon Sugar Carboxylic Acid Fatty Acid

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