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SKU# 106000

Utility*S*Knife LENOX Auto-Loading Folding LXHT10600

Manufacturer Part #: Utility Knife LENOX Auto-Loading Folding LXHT10600 Utility Knife LENOX Auto-Loadi


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Product Overview

The Lenox auto load folding retractable knife combines the convenience of a folding knife with the functionality of a traditional utility knife. Blade changes are quick with the auto load mechanism, allowing easy replacement at the push of a button. The 4-notch blades provide an extended blade option, and the knife holds up to three blades. With a comfortable grip and a belt clip, it's a versatile and portable tool for any job site, compatible with standard utility blades.

Key Features

  • Rapid Autoload Blade Change pulls new blade from storage
  • Extra extended blade position for longer exposed blade
  • Internal blade storage for up to two extra blades
  • Folding feature for easy carry
  • Includes three titanium nitride coated bi-metal blades proven to stay sharp

Product Specifications



Model #


Product Type

Utility Knife