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SKU# 0358911

Water Heater Propane Gas 40 Gal 6 40 Poct

UPC Code: 00091193004906 Manufacturer Part #: 6 40 POCT Water Heater-L.Pgas 40 Gal 6 4


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Product Overview

Equipped with an enhanced combustion system. Glass-lined tank with anode rod protects against corrosion, sediment reducing PEX dip tube helps maintain efficiency, 3 or 4" vent connection, Eco-friendly Green Choice gas burner reduces NOx emissions by 33 percent over standard burners, piezo igniter allows for easy one-hand pilot ignition, factory-installed Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve, Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant technology. 2" foam insulation, 6 year tank & parts limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Vent Size 3 or 4"
  • Height 58-1/4" Diam 20"
  • 35,500 BTU Height w/Draft Hood 62"